System Maintenance

If you want the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing your security system will work in those situations it has been designed for, a regular service by way of a scheduled maintenance check will provide you with the assurance that your system will work day in, day out. Not only will regular service and maintenance increase the longevity of your security and/or CCTV equipment it will also minimise potential downtime and reduce the risk to your property and assets. iN2 Communications & Systems provides a range of scheduled maintenance programs including Preventative and Comprehensive options.

Benefits of Scheduled Maintenance

  • Helps reduce the probability of false alarms
  • May aid in minimising the risk of compromising your insurance coverage
  • Minimise the risk to your Risk Management Strategy
  • May assist in lowering the running costs over the life of your system

Comprehensive Maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance entitles you to unlimited replacement or repair of your security and/or CCTV system for any deficient equipment, free of charge for the duration of your contract*. Comprehensive maintenance can eliminate the risk associated with costly repairs or replacement of equipment. This service provides peace of mind that your security system will be constantly maintained to its optimal level. An additional monthly fee is individually tailored to your security system to ensure value. *Restrictions Apply.

Preventative Maintenance

Once or twice per annum, a qualified technician will visit your property and conduct a full inspection of your system to check for deficiencies or discrepancies. A report will be developed and solutions will be offered in the event a repair or change is needed to be made. This service provides peace of mind that your security system will be frequently inspected to identify any potential problems. Preventative Maintenance allows you peace of mind that your security and/or CCTV system is functioning at its optimal level.